Who Is Sketch Club?



Our Founding Mothers

The brainchild of local award winning burlesque performer, Honey Moonpie, and the artistic director of the Bayou City Burlesque & Circus Arts festival, July St. Juniper–  Sketch Club is built to grow, and we’re bringing you with us! Let’s find out what’s “Beyond Still Life”! 


Honey Moonpie


Honey Moonpie is our resident, multi-talented, girl about town. This accomplished burlesque performer, and model has a lot of experience entertaining a crowd. What can we say, she’s a booty shaker money-maker, and she knows what’s goin’ down!

Honey Moonpie is an extrovert with the soul of an agoraphobe, but learning to face her anxieties about being in front of crowds took on a new twist when she decided to do it in the buff with burlesque. Still, she never turned back- and it’s shown her what creating your own comfort zone can achieve. Especially when it comes to making a large social environment feel like a gathering of old friends, and really, who doesn’t like feeling at home?

Honey Moonpie will serve as the model for our inaugural event, and trust us when we say- living with an artist means she knows how to strike a pose and hold it…and hold..just a little longer. Beyond that, Honey will serve as our ever punctual keeper of time, friendly face at the door, co-host, keeper of the cash box, entertainment wrangler, and so much more! If you need something, have a question, or just want a picture of you next to this lovely lady at the event- this Moonpie knows what’s what. See what we mean when we say multi-talented?!



July St. Juniper



July St. Juniper is a locally born, self taught, multi-disciplinary, artist who built her skill up through millions of years of practice. She currently adores serving as the Artistic Director of the Bayou City Burlesque & Circus Arts Festival, and working with producer KiKi Maroon on that and other projects as her, “Snowballer” a term Maroon insists means, “Assistant” (no one tell her).

Since she was itty bitty July would doodle, and stitch, she’d paint, snap photos, string beads, she would shape clay, write stories, and work to achieve an intimate understanding of how to create complex  digital vector illustrations in Adobe Illustrator. Ok, we admit, the last one came a bit later.

Now July is determined to use those obsessive childhood  behaviors, and her grown up experiences with running away to the circus, in a way that fosters the continuation of the benevolent and supportive art culture she’s come to love. To carve out her own niche in Houston’s massive, fantastic, and quickly expanding creative marketplace.She wants to bring the artists to the people who need them most! No longer will Houston need to suffer from clipart logos, poorly executed adds, tasteless mall portraits, or that terrible art their kid keeps putting on the fridge! They’ll see professional artists and photographers are accessible,  that art isn’t just for the rich, and and that, “creatives” are an essential asset to building successful enterprises. Baby steps, right?