We will be adding things as they come up. If you are curious about modeling, performing, booking a private event, or contributing in other ways please see the bottom of the page.


For a breakdown of what a Sketch Club event is like, please check out tab,

“What To Expect.”



How much does it cost?

Your cover will be collected as you arrive. We will also have a cash tip jar out for the model, gratuity is greatly appreciated and goes entirely to the model, but it is not mandatory.

Artists- $10

Photographers- $15

We accept cash, and will have a square reader to take cards.


What day and time is the event?

We will be holding the event one Saturday of each month during the day in the window of 2-6pm, and we will update the website, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media with the dates for upcoming months as we book the venue, model, and any other entertainment.


Where is Sketch Club?

Leon’s Lounge in Houston has graciously offered to host us!

1006 McGowen St, Houston, TX 77002


What is the lighting situation for the photographers?

We will be setting up model lights for the photographers in the space, and will be positioning the model staging area with the photographers in mind as much as the space allows. We want you to get the least noise possible in your shots. Flash will not be allowed during the timed poses, but the photographer sessions at the end of each set will be allowed to shoot with flash.


Long Term Goals?

Sketch Club wants to continue to grow the event, and provide the best possible experience to our participants.

We will be having a year-end exhibition for works created as a result of Sketch Club, and we are actively working on the details in order to build something that will reach an engaged audience so that the exhibition is more than a token of having participated.

There are certainly other, big, and exciting things in the works, that we will be sharing as soon as details are finalized.Follow us on Facebook to keep up with announcements, and check back here.




Want to book something exciting for your next party? Sketch Club does private events!

If you’re interested in booking a private event, please contact us directly at:




I’m interested in being a model (or otherwise contributing or performing with you)- who do I talk to about that?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Below is a form for people who are interested in modeling for the event. To be considered we ask that you fill this out completely. Filling it out is not a guarantee you will be chosen, nor what order we choose in, as usually the events are booked months in advance. However, we would like to keep a running list of interested people for future bookings, and in the event of model cancellations.