Art For Everyone


Everyone, no matter the skill level, is welcome!

Here at Sketch Club we want to provide a place for creative people to connect with each other, and what they love to do, in a comfortable and entertaining setting. We want everyone to leave feeling like they gained something from their experience, and had an excellent time doing it. We welcome artists and photographers of all skill levels, and are striving for a low pressure, and supportive group environment for everyone.

In addition, if you don’t draw or do photography, we offer Grown-Up Coloring with a new adult coloring page made especially for each Sketch Club session. We provide the coloring page, and crayons, colored pencils, and other tools- you just come and enjoy!

We’re here to help, if you’d like!

Multi-disciplinary local artist July st. Juniper will be on hand as the resident anti-proffesor to offer no judgement advice. July hopes to guide fledgling artists and photographers who would like a little feedback, or offer any advice in her power to more experienced practitioners of their arts.

We want everyone to feel comfortable and have a good time!

It’s also very  important to us at Sketch Club that all our participants feel at ease. With this in mind we want to build a place that’s inclusive, understanding, and positive for anyone who is coming to enjoy our event. So, with utmost sincerity, I hope you will let us know if we fall short of this goal, or if there is anything we can do to give you a better experience in general.

Feedback is welcome, and encouraged!

The contact form below will allow you to send anonymous feedback (we will not see any information that could identify you unless you fill in the optional, “Your Name” and, “Your Email” -which we would need if you require a response) so you can have a place to  leave feedback if you have a hard time voicing those ideas in person.



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