What to Expect




Sketch Club is a monthly art culture event meant to bring together Houston’s talent to participate in life drawing and photography, with just a touch of inebriation.
The brainchild of local award winning burlesque performer, Honey Moonpie, and the artistic director of the Bayou City Burlesque & Circus Arts Festival, July St. Juniper– we at Sketch Club aim to bring an entertaining, diverse, and dynamic event with a focus on fostering and showcasing local talent. 





Each event will have a total run time of between two and two and a half hours, and all events have an 21+ age requirement. The cover, due at the door, will be as follows:

Artists: $10

Photographers: $15

A tip jar will be passed around for the model, which is not required but appreciated, and any contribution therein goes directly to the them.

We will start the session with introductions and move into a warm up exercise or game, and then the live model posing for increasingly long intervals in each set (5-20mins each). The model will spend about an hour and a half actively posing, which is broken into either two or three sets with intermissions in between. So there will be either two short intermissions or one longer one. For the longer intermission events we will be bringing in guest entertainment for part of the break.

Photographers will have an opportunity to shoot with the models at the end of each set, and request poses. We ask that, during the timed poses, photographers avoid standing in the artist’s line of sight for extended periods of time. Photographers are also asked to not use flash until these photographer sessions.

We will also be doing small, no pressure contests, if the artists and photographers wish to participate.

During the shorter intermissions we encourage you to visit the bar, mingle with your fellow participants, and show off your art! We want to be able to share as much art and photography  as we can from the event to spread the word, and to make sure to promote and show off the amazing talent here in the Bayou City.





Have other questions, or inquiries?

Check out our FAQ or reach us directly at SketchClubHouston@gmail.com

or you can contact us using this email form:

If you wish for us to contact you back, please fill in the “Your Email” field on the form correctly, or we will have no way to reply. Thank you!









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